Saturday, 13 May 2017

This Is Us

This is us:
Thick blood in 480p,
Not yet, 
But almost,
In HD; it is
Almost like we
 are living.

We are 720 in dreams, though.
110 TVs in all rooms
But the one with the wide window 
That shows the shopping trolley in the middle of the street. 
And because eyes don't pan like cameras do,
We'll sit and watch for a while in every room but that.

I have my home in my hand.
Twelve rooms and a backyard 
To comfort
The heavy soul when it cries, 'Alone, alone!'
And so tells itself,
I have all these empty rooms to fill the nothingness.

And all these palisades are paper-thin.
In the morning I will fold them
And place each furrowed thing in a safe place. Away
From this 1080p reality,
Stowed in an inbetween state. 

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