Sunday, 28 February 2016

18 Things I've Learned Since Turning 14

Damn Stella!
Back at it again with the life lessons.
Feisty man, feisty!!

1. School actually doesn't suck that bad. Except for Sociology. Sociology still sucks. I'm going to fail it.

2. 11 year old twins with red hair have red hair for a reason. They are the children of  Satan. They have no chill and will not hesitate to harass you on your way home.

3. 14 is the best you'll ever have it in terms of responsibility. You don't got to pay no bills. You don't got to pay no taxes. You don't even gotta pour yo own damn milk.

4. There is genuinely nothing more terrifying than having to read back an essay two weeks after doing it and seeing whether or not you've actually got the grade you wanted.

5. Writing stories is harder than you think.

6. If you offer one person gum, essentially you're offering the world gum. Don't offer gum. You will run out of gum.

7. The cost of gum inevitably adds up. Hear me out. A pack of gum lasts the average teen about two days because it seems like the majority of us wants to screw up our jaws by the age of 25. A pack of gum costs around 60 pence (0.83 US dollars) depending on how fancy you want to be and whether or not you're willing to break the bank. I am not. In a week that's about 2.5 packs of gum (1 if you're me, or a decent human being who understand the concept of gum and does not believe it is another means of nutrition.) which adds up to a pound fifty (about two dollars). Times that by the amount of weeks in an academic year and you get about 60 pounds (83 dollars). Times that by the amount of years you attend high school (about 5 in England) and you've spent at least 300 pounds (Dude that's 416 dollars!) by the time you're 16. On freaking gum. Gum!!!! And you've probably messed up your jaws whilst doing so.

8. Shit gets harder.

9. Spending 4 hours reading a book isn't unproductive.

10. People are incredibly judgmental and it's okay. Well, no it's not but potatoes gonna potate.

11. People talk a heck of a lot. Turning 14 hasn't somehow turned me into this incredibly verbally withdrawn person. I still speak. But I think I've become more aware of how valuable silence is and how much stupid stuff people talk about.

12. Challenging yourself is probably the best thing that you can do.

13- Always remember to write the dang formula.

14. Sitting away from your friends in class really isn't that bad.

15. It sucks. I'm not going to lie. Being 14 does suck quite a lot but so does being 11 or 12 or 13. I have no doubt in my mind that 15 will suck too.

16. I'm an incredibly depressing person at times.

17. Waking up early is pretty cool. Although it kills me to admit it.

18. 14 doesn't mean you're any wiser than you were two months ago. You're still pretty stupid, believe it or not.


  1. Can't say I would want to be 14 again, I honestly don't even remember it that much except when I turned 15 and bought a 15 rated film and was so happy I didn't have to show I.D.

    Meme xx

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  2. I'm trying to think about what I was like at 14, and I think that's the year I truly began thinking the way I do now. It looks like you've started too. And honestly, you're right about the whole responsibility thing. You think you're failing a class and your essay mark might be less than what you expected? Wait a year or two and suddenly it'll matter a lot more. Also, I think you're awesome for embracing the silence, and the fact that potatoes gonna potate, and that sitting away from friends isn't a reason to panic anymore.

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