Wednesday, 1 April 2015

March Favorites

This song

I watched beastly the other day and this was on the soundtrack.

This song
I'm loving this remix way too much.

This image
First rule of squirrel club- You must never speak of squirrel club.  

This thang

This quote
Laughing uncontrollably and making jokes with friends.

Coming up with random excuses to break out some moves.

Notebooks, for when I get unexpected ideas.

Attempts at American accents.

Pulling over dramatic faces.

Writing lists.

Dylan O'Brien.

I really wanted to push myself to read more this month but I just didn't find any books that I fell in love with. Do you have any book recommendations?


  1. This is awesome! The Little Einsteins Theme is awesome! I love that quote too.

    a little bit of sunshine

    1. Thank you. I totally agree, they're both amazing.

  2. Your March sounds awesome :P
    Read Harry Potter if you haven't :)

    1. It was rather awesome * brushes non existent dust of shoulder *. The Harry Potter books have been on my TBR for way too long. It's time I actually read the series.

  3. American accents? Hahaha!!!

    Oh, any books by Elizabeth George Speare

    1. Yeah, I have what some people call a British accent. My American accent is either really deep and southern or high pitched and preppy which I know are both wrong interpretations of American accents. I'll never pass it off as an American. *Sigh*. I'll have to check out her books, thanks for the recommendation Lizzie.