Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Bonjour lecteur. (I actually had to google what reader mean't in french just to write that.). Today I thought I'd update you on some things. So without further ado here I go.

*As you can see, my blog design has changed. Again. And it's pretty much done a part from the new header I will be adding in the beginning of May ( it's up there now). It'll look a little like this.
 *As well as that, I will also be changing my blog name for the zillianth ( yes it's a word) time. I'm planning on calling it Star Girl Productions. You're probably thinking that I'm a really indecisive person and you would be right. But I hope you don't mind.

*The pages at the top of  my blog now finally show the posts in that category.  So go check those out if you want. I recommend Humor.

*My web novel will be moved over to Wattpad, which you can find by clicking the Wattpad link in the left side bar ( which is the only side bar, Stella). There's also a link to my twitter and whilst your at it check out my tumblr. I almost never post but I have it so yeah. It took me ages to find out how to add social media buttons but I  have and I'm actually really proud.

*I'll be attempting to post twice a week and hopefully including pictures in more of my posts but I'm not going to say that's certain just yet.

*I took a bit of a break from Project H. By a bit of a break I mean almost two months but I really want to get back into writing those posts. They can be found in the tabs section as well.

*And I also wanted to thank you guys so much for reading my blog, it's so strange to think I've been blogging for 6 months. It feels like time has just flown by.

But totally non blog related - I'll be going into year 9 in a couple of weeks and I'm really excited. Peace out year 8, you won't be missed.

I think that's it for now.

I'm out.


  1. Cool! You'll have to tell us how to make those fancy buttons!

    I just added share ones that link my post around but they dont go to my pages

    1. I made my buttons on picmonkey, just using different shades of pink and the same circle shape cut out. Making them link was the hardest part but I used a couple tutorials I found online to help me. I could send you the links if you wanted.

  2. What happened to your blog?
    It looks amazing :D

    1. Thank you. And basically I became unicorn Queen and as a gift from my loyal unicorn citizens they redesigned my blog for me. It could have been that or I finally learn't how to use css.

  3. Hiya! Cool!

  4. Sounds awesome!

    *gasps* You have social media buttons! :o How did you do that? I've been trying to figure out how to on my own blog. . .

    1. Thanks. I tried to find some free social media icons online but I couldn't find any that suited what I wanted so I made mine in picmonkey. I made them pink and used the circle cut out and then found some tutorials online to link them. I think I used 2 tutorials, I can send you the links if you want.

  5. It sounds great. Also I gotta say that I really like your blog design :)

  6. Your blog design looks so legit! Great job!
    And good luck in high school, its a weird, awkward place. But you'll do great!