Saturday, 21 March 2015

So Recently...

I chipped my tooth. It was a Friday and I tried multitasking. I, of course did a horrible job at that and as I was talking,whilst attempting to eat, bit down onto my fork and chipped my tooth.
Chose my options for Year 9 and freaked out.
Laughed way too hard at something my friend said.
Came up with tons of post ideas.
Pushed back doing my homework because I'm terribly lazy.
Body rolled and boogied.
Attempted to finish a 6 page business plan on my own and failed.
Obsessed over way too many things.
Learn't that I'm the worst in an emotional situation. I'm terrible at comforting.
I realized that time goes by way too fast.
And started replying to those comments I've been neglecting for so long.

 This also happened:
Check out the link for the original post below this.

-You may use any type of self-expression, including, but not limited to: Painting, drawing, edits, photographs, short stories/poems, songs (Uploaded to YouTube) 

-Absolutely NO PLAGIARISM or you will be disqualified! 

-Here is the important part! The theme is (drumroll please)your favorite childhood memories.  I am looking for the best piece of art showing a childhood memory. It doesn't even have to be real, maybe it can be what you wish you could have done while you were still so young. 

-Please email all entries to me at or send them to me via Google+

-Limit of 1 entry per person

Before submitting entry, please I beg you to promote the contest, it might earn you extra points

-A separate post, containing prize/winner information will be following this one soon


-Any questions please ask-it's not a stupid question.

I made it all blue because I'm just cool like that.

What have you been doing recently? Not to sound creepy or anything.


  1. Year 9?Cool :)
    How can you chip a tooth by talking while eating xD :P

    1. In my school system Year 9 is the third year of high school and you choose what you want to take in year 8, I suppose it's pretty cool, I'll be taking subjects I actually like. And I can pretty much make any situation dangerous, even eating and talking. Somehow I bit down on to my fork, really hard and chipped my tooth.

    2. You should really be careful :)

    3. I try to be, danger just follows me everywhere. lol. I will be more careful.

  2. Man year 9 was a long time ago for me now, had such great times in school, don't worry too much about your tooth, dentists can do wonders nowdays.

    Meme xx

    New post out now:
    'CND SolarOil // Healthier Stronger Nails'

    1. I'm really excited for year 9, I hope it's as fun as the past two school years and I'm actually scheduled to go to the dentist soon, I can't wait to explain this to him.