Sunday, 1 March 2015

Guest Post - 5 Life Lessons from M

As a 15 year old, I’m definitely not the most qualified person to be teaching any life lessons.  But in the 6 years of primary school and 3 years of high school I've experienced, I have managed to collect myself a little life experience on the way.
These may sound cliché, and they may sound like stuff you've been told over and over again, but trust me.  If someone had just told me some of this three years ago, and if the stubborn little me had only listened, I would have been a much happier person.  Possibly.  So I’m just going to share some of the things I've learned in life so far with you.

1. People are just people
Since the age of 6, I've always been that insecure girl.  I thought what everyone else was doing was the ‘cooler’ thing.  I thought they were always right and I was incapable.  So I would follow them around.  I would be careful of anything I said.  If they had a crush, I had to find myself one too.  If they wanted to flood the bathroom, I had to join them.  They were better than me.  They would judge me.  That’s what I thought anyway.  And as a result I barely ever spoke up, and I was never really myself.
But the thing is, we’re all people.  Who’s to say what I think is wrong?  In fact, who’s to say what I’m thinking isn't better than what they’re thinking?  My opinion is just as important.  What I say or do is just as important.  In fact, it’s probably more important because I’m me and I care more about me than them.  Listening to other people is great, because their opinions are worthwhile too, and what they say may open your mind to something new, but it might not.  And it’s okay if you disagree.  You can say so.

2. Go for any and every opportunity
I didn't try out for netball in Year 7.  I was too scared I wouldn't know anyone.  I was too scared I wouldn't be as good as everyone else.  I didn't join TOMs in primary school.  I was too scared people would judge me, or I would hinder the team.  I never signed up for anything.  I was too scared people would think I was actually making an effort.
I go to a private school with every single activity and opportunity at your fingertips.  I can do anything I want, yet in the first two years I didn't really do anything.  But now, after having applied for co-curriculars and actually committing myself to doing things, I've experienced more.  I have every right to apply for anything.  I have every right to try whatever I want.  I might even end up being good at it, and that’s supposed to be a good thing, not a bad sign because you’re making an effort.  Try more, have more on your resume, do more in life.

3. Talk to people
I was the unfriendly girl.  I would sit at the front, and even though there was a girl in my grade 5 meters away, I wouldn't move to say hi.  I’d sit in silence.  She would too.  A year later we’d be sitting together.  We’d become friends of sorts, watching Dance Moms, comparing girls in our grade, talking about anything in our front sessions.  And suddenly getting picked up became more fun.  All because I started saying hi.
The same goes for classes and mornings and making friends in general.  I have found that once I sit next to someone once, once we have just one conversation, one inside joke, suddenly we’re having more.  Suddenly I know yet another person, and suddenly I know more as well.  People come with new concepts and knowledge.  And the more you talk to, the more you know, and the more friends you have as well.

4. Keep moving forward
In primary school I never really belonged.  I was religiously watching Hannah Montana, while they were all hung up over Spongebob.  Being good at maths meant being a nerd.  I was awkward.  Even though I was so self-conscious, I still managed to say stupid stuff like, “Can I play with you?” or “What’s it like being so short?”  When I was told this boy had a crush on me I said, “That’s good.  Because then we can… catch him, and uh, squash him.” accompanied with the hand movements and all.
But that’s the thing.  I left primary school as an awkward weirdo, and I came into high school very much the same.  I was shy.  I would pretend to forget people and our inside jokes in an effort to seem cooler.  I would make a big deal of not being able to know where to sit.  I was mean and unfriendly.
Now, I still know people from my primary school.  I still go to school with everyone from Year 7.  If they haven’t seen me in a while, their opinion of me is probably still very much the same.  Sometimes mine becomes the same as well.  Sometimes I go back to being that 12 year old girl.  But I know better now.  I know how I want to be, and I've got to keep being that way, or making myself even better as I learn more life lessons.  I can’t let my past bring me backwards.

5. Write
I've had a diary since I was 9.  Reading it now makes me cringe.  It was a journal more than a diary, and it probably had no use other than the fact that I now have documented memories.  By writing I mean yes a diary, not a journal.  Write down your thoughts, your rambles, and your tirades about how annoying your siblings are, how rude your friend was today.  It’s therapeutic.
Start a blog.  Let some of these thoughts be heard.  Type out your own life lessons.  Recommend stuff you love.  Tell them about your fantastic holiday.  Show yourself that your opinion counts too, and other people have opinions on your opinion, which may or may not open your eyes to new things.
Words are thoughts.  And thoughts are the basis of everything.  Put them on a page.

And those are my 5 life lessons for now.  I hope you at least got something from this longer-than-expected post.  I’d just like to say thank you so much Stella for letting me do a guest post on your amazing blog.  If you aren't following this blog yet, I suggest you do.  And you can find my blog at The Life of Little Me where Stella has done a fabulous guest post as well.
Thanks so much for reading!

*A round of applause for M and this amazing post. Go check out her blog y'all.?*


  1. Thanks so much for putting this post up for me Stella! It's so surreal seeing something written by myself on another site. Thanks for writing your fabulous post as well! xx

    The Life of Little Me

  2. This advice rings so true. Great post!