Monday, 5 January 2015

Project H - week#2

Week 1 recap

So what makes me happy. Here's a little poem for you.

Do you remember when you were younger,
The things you wanted to be.
The things you vowed you'd do,
The places that you would see.
I dreamed of climbing mountains,
And one day helping the world,
Becoming someone of meaning.
I wanted to be that girl.

Something that really makes me happy is being able to look back to the past and remember the things I did as a child. I was a strange child, but luckily I was shy so my strangeness wasn't able to reach its full potential. Moving on from that, another thing that makes me happy is being with my family and being able to write. Writing is something I have always been passionate about and I'm so thankful for the existence of words.

This weeks challenge:

Make someone laugh by telling them a funny joke or sending them a funny picture. Do this multiple times to multiple people. After all laughter is the best medicine. I want to do mine now and share it with you. I found this and to me it's so relatable.
I'm also going to attempt to draw a unicorn for my friend. She is also a member of the unicorn society and I think it would be hilarious If I whip out an A4 piece of paper with a unicorn on it and hand it to her in the middle of class. I may get a few stares but hey I'm sure it'll make a lot of people laugh and that's what I'm going for.


  1. I'm totally going to do this! Thanks for the challenge!

    1. That would be amazing. I hope you enjoy doing it.