Thursday, 1 January 2015

Project H - Week#1

The one in which we learn about ourselves.
Salutations .(Was that too formal?) Happy New Year!
I'm so excited to announce the commencing of Project H. If you're not sure what Project H is then check out this link to get some insight on the purpose of this project.

 I was really shocked by how many people had shown interest in my project considering I was fairly new to blogging and I didn't know a lot about the blogging community.When I first thought of Project H I remember being excited about something. I'm not quite sure of what, but I was and I wanted to share that feeling. The warmth that envelops you when you smile. That buzz of excitement you receive when your so happy you can't suppress a smile. I wanted people to feel happy.

 In a world where there is a lot more hatred and upset than needed I feel we're loosing touch of one of the most important emotions. Happiness. I then began to question the use of anger, to me it seems like a useless emotion and tends to result in a lot of bad things. That inspired me to really push this project and turn it into a yearly project.

And now we come to the task.
This week's task is to reflect. Make a list or a poem or a song. Create anything you want explaining what makes you happy. Link them in the comments so I can read them. Acknowledge the things that bring out your happiness. If you can understand what makes you happy then your one step closer to helping others become happier.

" If happiness is a sea, well then I want to be among the fish that swim within it."-me

 A little note -Next week's post will be be published on the 5th, and the following posts will hopefully be published on every Monday. This post doesn't really fit into that schedule.


  1. This is awesome! Definitely going to try and do this!

  2. I hope I can join in, because this looks like fun!

    1. Thank you. It would be awesome if you could.