Thursday, 11 December 2014

Winter- A short little something.

I used to love the winter,
And I was such a fool,
To think that somehow winter,
Had always loved me too.          

"We wait in anticipation for things to occur.  Failing to recognize that time does speed up nor slow down and the longer we wait the more we're anticipating and building our expectations. That's not to mean we can't dream of things. What would life be with out imagination and the desire to want something? That's how we motivate ourselves. I like to think of the future and I think we all do. So for now I'll reminisce of the past. Dream about the future. And live for the moment." - Just a little outburst.

 Something about the winter always confused me. When I'd wish for it to snow the most it would fail to snow yet when I most dreaded its arrival it snowed in abundance. I resulted to refusing to acknowledge its existence all together. Soon enough the cold and chilly winter just became a part of the normal December convention. But things seem so different when you really pay attention to them. I'm not just talking about acknowledging the presence of something. I mean something much greater.Understanding the influence that something (tangible or non tangible) has on the world around you. I had never acknowledged the beauty of the snow. The way it fell so gracefully upon the floor. The way it covered the world in a blanket of  beauty. The way it was capable of being cold yet it could bring such warmth and happiness. I had never known how spectacular the winter was till it was no longer there.The summer inevitably came and it felt like all the days were just the same. I missed the never ending snowball fights and building snowmen. Before I knew it, I was wishing for the snow to come back again.

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Where has the time gone? Oh My Goodness!
 I want  to wish you all an amazing Christmas. Have fun and enjoy the festive time.


  1. Oh my, how perfect is this! I love the way you write :)

    xo Arushee // Unadorned Gifts

    1. Thank you. I love your writing way better though, it's always so creative and captivating.

  2. Often we realize the importance of something long after it's gone, though that shouldn't be the case.
    Beautiful what you wrote :)

    -Kathie K

    1. It's true and I think it happens a lot. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  3. This is so beautiful, Stella! I love your writing. :-)

    This reminds me of the song that has lyrics, "You only miss the sun when it starts to snow." Though, I'd switch it around and say I miss the snow when the sun starts to show. ;-)

    1. That's my favorite lyric, it's from let her go by Passenger I think. Thank you Candence. I've been trying to improve my writing style for ages and I'm happy that you liked it. By the way your blog is spectacular and your an amazing writer. I just checked it out now and wondered how I had failed to find and follow it for so long. :-)