Saturday, 22 November 2014

Technology HATES me.

Am I the only on who thinks that my laptop has a personal vendetta against me? Yes I may have dropped it a couple times but it was working perfectly fine this past week. Today of all days the computer just decided to turn against me.( I'm using my brothers right now). It refused to connect to the internet.I tried everything. Switching the computer on and off about seven times, Unplugging the broadband and plugging back in again.Nothing worked so I did what any normal person would do.I gave up and decided to rant about it instead .It seems like in today's society almost everything revolves around technology ,which is horrible for me because I'm like an alien when it comes to anything relating to  the use of technology. Don't judge me but I can't even make a spreadsheet without the aid of a teacher. I know, I know it's terrible but I will  learn. Eventually.

 So lets get back to my theory that technology hates me. I can prove it.In the last week I have dropped my phone on my face about 6 times. Exactly in the same spot just above my nose.After the 4th time it stopped being funny ( Well it was never really funny to me in the first place but I guess the comedic aspect disappeared. How do I know this? The laughter stopped.).Do you ever feel like phone chargers are just out to get you?, like they're just lying around on the floor waiting to trip you up. Well i do. I've fallen 10 times just this past week. I don't know whether its just that I can't remember where I've plugged the charger in or if I just choose to ignore the fact that it's right in front of me. My kindle decided to freeze on me today as well. I spent an hour reading over the same paragraph before realizing that I just needed to switch it on and off again.And although technology may hate me I suppose I can learn to accept it. It's not like they're going to turn into this any time soon. At least I hope not.

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