Thursday, 13 November 2014

Say something.

With this voice of yours...

Speak for the people
And speak for the weak.
Speak for the hungry,
The homeless,
And all the people we can and can't see.

Speak for the heartless
And speak for the soul.
Speak for the lost and misguided beings,
Who have lost their hope.

Speak for the heartache,
Speak against the hate,
Speak because your words will be heard,
And you'll know that you've been brave.

Speak because you know i'll listen,
Speak because you know i'm here,
Speak because you know ill stand up with you,
In order to beat your fears.

Speak because your loving
And speak because you care.
Speak because you know when you call,
I'll always try to be there.

Speak because your human,
Speak up for your rights,
Speak against what's wrong
And try and try and try.

Don't let anyone limit your freedom of speech, if you believe in something and you want to be heard just speak. Someone out there is listening.

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