Thursday, 13 November 2014

Before my chestnut eyes.

The trees rustled quietly in the calming Autumn wind as I ambled through the park. A flurry of leaves enveloped me in a wall of browns and reds as I wondered aimlessly .It was quiet, a soothing and peaceful quiet. The flowers stood stationary, their petals failing to flutter in the wind as the birds flew in the aqua blue sky. Upon the branches the robins sang their harmonious tune, bringing the park to life. I came to an abrupt stop as  a flow of raindrops cascaded down upon me. My clothes clung to my cold,shivering body. My once voluptuous red hair now lay flat upon my head. I was drenched.

My warm chestnut eyes drifted upwards, a dozen raindrops fell upon my face and trickled down my puffy cheeks. For a second the rain drops looked like diamonds. The clear crystals glistened and glittered as they fell upon the solid ground, shattering to a million brittle pieces. I stood with my mouth agape ,gawking at the sky. Grey clouds began to form, shielding the blue waves from sight. The sky was no longer visible. A vast wall of dreariness began to expand. I watched it consume the dreamlike sky and all the birds and planes that swam in its current.

I realized how insignificant I was to the world around me. Gargantuan trees enclosed me and i trembled beneath their branches. I was small and alone. Even the tiniest of animals roamed in a pack. There I stood. The world around me oblivious to my presence yet I was so mindful of its existence.

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